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Kingdom of Cat's Eye Aquamarine (AyaChan993) Empty Kingdom of Cat's Eye Aquamarine (AyaChan993)

Post by eveedemon on Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:45 pm

Name: Kyosuke
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Species: Shiny Mawile Gijinka
Strong Suit: Ghost, Fairy, and Dragon types
Role: Ruler of the Cat's Eye Aquamarine Kingdom and Ranch Owner/Breeder of the Silver Serpent Ranch
Link to Reference: (Will be drawn when I get the chance, I just wanted to get my ideas down)

Kingdom Description:
Based off of a mix of olden Japanese culture and more modern times, The Kingdom of Cat’s Eye Aquamarine is a beautiful land with plenty of space for Pokemon and their trainers alike. With lush forests, gorgeous waterfalls and bustling marketplaces, both modern and traditional to the Japanese culture have combined to make something beautiful. People far and wide of this place either dress in the traditional clothes of the Japanese, or prefer to wear more modern clothing. The Kingdom is especially well known for their food and art, as well as their relaxing, rejuvenating Japanese bath houses that have been said to cure any physical ailment. The ruler of the Kingdom, Kyosuke, has been talked about and spoken to in the kingdom palace, but has never truly gone out in public just yet, it seems...


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